Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cooking Tips

Just wanted to share of couple of cooking tips for all of the readers out there. Every week I will dropping some cooking knowledge and recipes here on my blog so tune in and feel free to comment or shoot me any suggestions you would like to see!!

Cooking Tips

Chef Kahlil when I use the double boiler method I always wind up burning my pan, what can I do to prevent the pan from burning?

When using a double boiler, put a few marbles or a jar lid in the bottom pan when the water gets low you will definitely know by the rattling when sound and this will save the pan from scorching.

Chef Kahlil I was trying to make a beef stew the other day and my hand got a little heavy with the salt. I wound up having to run to the market and buy a couple quarts of soup because I only had 30 mins before my guest were going to be arriving. Could I have prevented or fixed this problem?

Here is what I would have done, you simply add a cut-up raw potato and simmer it in the stew for about 30 minutes. The potato will act as a "sponge" and will soak up the salt. After, doing this discard the potato and you are ready to serve up the soup. If you don't readily have a potato for the remedy, add more unsalted liquid (water, stock, etc.), a little tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes (or something else slightly sweet), and a bit of lemon juice or vinegar to counter the saltiness.

Until next time, BonAppetite!

Chef Kahlil


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