Monday, December 8, 2008

6 Revealing Secrets All Brides Should Know Before Choosing Their Caterer….

…and what most other caterers refuse to tell you.

Planning for your wedding should be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. Sometimes, the uncertainty of the “How To’s” and the “Where To’s” can be overwhelming and even discouraging. That’s why your caterer should be utilized as your most important resource.

1st: Your caterer should be flexible. All caterers (including hotels) have the ability to be flexible. Don’t let them fool you otherwise. Big Hint: The margins most caterers make on their events allow at least some room for negotiation. If your caterer won’t negotiate, then keep looking! But remember, you have to ask.

2nd: Your caterer should provide a Free consultation and Free tasting. I can’t stress this enough. Make sure there is an opportunity for you to participate in menu development, sample tastings and presentations. Test driving this car is a must!!!

3rd: Good caterers have the ability to provide a dual service as your event coordinator. This is a huge advantage and one your caterer will most likely not voluntarily offer. Your caterer, if experienced, has much of the knowledge and know how to plan and design your even from start to finish. You should be asking them to coordinate ALL aspects of your reception. Tell them it is what you expect from them.

Many caterer’s won’t do if you don’t ask. So Ask! This is a sure fire way of making the most of your catering dollar. Expect to be charged moderately for this service in addition to your catering, but not too much. Usually between $500 and $1000. It is well worth it! There is nothing like being comforted and assured of a stress-free reception. The details are covered and nothing will be left to chance.

4th: Caterers can and should bring it all together for you. This goes hand in hand with even coordinating. You should expect them to be responsible for ordering rentals, staffing, set up, floor plan design, buffet, appetizer, cake and coffee presentation, bar and beverage service, itinerary development and execution, event supervision and clean up.

5th: Your caterer needs to be accessible and available to you. A caterer who is a professional and one who understands the importance of special events like wedding receptions, should also understand that brides are sometimes uncertain about their initial decisions regarding reception site, floor plan, or itinerary. When you caterer serves the dual purpose as your coordinator, they need to remain accessible and available to consult with you and continually re-evaluate the planning phase of your upcoming event. Your piece of mind is too important so be sure to ask about your caterer’s availability.

6th: Most importantly, your caterer should offer you a “Money Back Guarantee”. Why not? You need to be assured that your caterer will not run out of food. Running out of food is the “Cardinal Sin” in catering and you must request this from your caterer. Make sure your caterer guarantees in writing that they will not run out of food for the amount of guests you have paid for. If they do, expect to receive a full refund for your total costs of the food.

These are all very important facts you should know before choosing your caterer. Just read what some of our clients said about Catering To Your Whims catering services….

The ability to work within our budget for our daughters wedding was incredible. His prices were so much lower than the hotels that we just couldn’t pass up his offer. In October 2007, my daughter, our friends and family joined in the celebration of her marriage. The ceremony and reception went off with out a hitch. We were delighted with the mouthwatering food, presentation and serve staff that were provided. I could have not imagined using anyone else but Catering To Your Whims. I highly recommend them.
Houston Family, Lindenwold, NJ

I couldn’t believe the exceptional quality of Catering To Your Whims food at our daughters wedding. It was like he delivered the restaurant to the back door. Chef Kahlil and his staff were professional and right on time. It seemed effortless. I recommend Catering To Your Whims catering for any occasion, especially weddings. They do a fabulous job!
Kittles, Marlton, NJ

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