Saturday, November 7, 2009

One of the responses to our topic was dismissing the toxic person is like weight loss. My response was sometimes weight loss is good. This principle is biblical "be ye not unequally yoked". In those days the yoke or wooden collar would be placed around the necks of two "equally" sized oxen so that they could pull the load "equally" and "smoothly". But, if you tried to pair an oxen and donkey, two obviously different and unequally sized mammals. You have created the situation of being "unequally" yoked. Why? I am glad you asked, obviously because of their differences of strengths, vision, size and strides to move ahead the "yoke" will weigh heavily on one animal while choking the other. In other words it will painfully drag the other along by the neck! So, in essence lose the donkey aka the jack a** or as you so eloquently put it the unwanted weight.

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