Monday, November 17, 2008

How To Make Sure Your Caterer Makes You Look Like A Hero.

Next to public speaking, the biggest fear most people have is looking bad in front of their peers, family or friends. When a caterer doesn’t live up to your expectations, you open yourself up to looking bad in front of your guest.

Most people hire a caterer without checking important facts like…

• What do their customers say about them? ( Ask to see testimonials.)
• What is their quality of food? ( A caterer should insist you sample before you commit!)
• Will the food be “re-heated” or fresh? ( Nothing worse than dry, tasteless food.)
• Do they have different options to fit your budget?
• Are they consistently “on-time” with their service?
• What are the size of portions you are paying for? ( A lower price might equate to less food.)
• How much notice is needed to book a catering? ( Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to feed 1000 people with 24 hours notice?)
• Can you get a written proposal the same day you called?
• What service is included in this catering? (You don’t want any surprises on the day of your catering.)
• What if more people show up than expected, or you run out of food? ( This area leaves you the most vulnerable with your guest.)
• What “Guarantee” do they provide?

Now you definitely are armed with some “food for thought”. Please use these questions as a guide when searching for a caterer. The right answers will make you look like a “Hero”.

Bon Appetite!

Chef Kahlil

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